Event Management for Beginners – A Full Guide

An event manager is in charge of planning everything that an event, no matter what category it is in, will go well.

To be an event organizer, you must follow certain steps.

Map Out your Objectives

You must think about what you want to achieve with the event and why you are organizing it. You need to know this very well for everything to be a success. Set goals with quantifiable metrics.

The Importance of Equipment

It’s important to delegate specific tasks to each team member. Consider holding occasional meetings to verify that everything is being accomplished. Tasks such as venue management, publicity, sponsors, among others are very important.


You must respect your budget and spend only what is necessary. The necessary amount of food and drink, travel expenses of those who will animate the party, such as the DJ, the decorations and the staff.

Remember marketing. Promoting your event may cost you a little money, but what you spend will be worth it.

Last-minute expenses may arise. Keep extra money saved to cover these last-minute expenses so you don’t get caught off guard.

Save the Date

Try to book your date for 4 or 6 months in advance. That way you will have enough time to plan everything. Avoid dates during vacations or public holidays. Make sure that all participants, including speakers, presenters, or VIP guests can attend on the date indicated.

Don´t Forget an Event Master Plan

A master plan will help you make sure everything goes smoothly. This plan will cover aspects such as location and catering logistics and management, contractors, insurance, permits, among many others.

Confirmation of the presenters of your event and the logistics they will need, as well as entertainment activities. You must follow the management of sponsors and volunteers.

Remember to write it all down even if you have everything in your head. It will help you get a guide to everything you have done and what you still need to do.

After your event is done and successful, save your notes. This will help you to improve your next events and check your weak points.

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